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Boat in front of the Pitons, Soufriere Marigot Bay, St. Lucia Diving in St Lucia

Find Your Ideal St Lucian Restaurant By Using Our Restaurants Comparison Table

Restaurants in St. Lucia

Chef Preparing Food

St. Lucia is well known for its high quality and varied cuisine. Food is an important part of the local culture and is influenced by the island's multicultural heritage which includes French, African, English, Indian, European and Amerindian. Caribbean cuisine is by definition fusion cuisine.

Many Saint Lucian chefs have trained and worked overseas. The top restaurants and hotels also employ chef's from Europe and elsewhere. As a result of this, a truly international culinary experience awaits you in Saint Lucia!

Below is an introduction to Caribbean cuising and what to expect when eating out in St. Lucia as well as some helpful tips. Further down the page is a table of the Top 20 Restaurants in St. Lucia with helpful details.

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Caribbean Cuisine

Caribbean cuisine can vary from island to island but St. Lucia embraces local, regional and international dishes. Below is a list of some of the typical local dishes you can try while in St. Lucia.

Saltfish and Greenfigs

Ths is the island's national dish made from salted cod in a salad of onions, garlic, oil, tomato, herbs and spices served with green figs or boiled green bananas. The salted cod was a staple in the Caribbean before the days of refrigation and green figs do not taste like banana but are more like 'ground provisions' such as potato, breadfruit or yam. Usually served as a starter.

The table below lists the top 20 St. Lucian restaurants based on customer reviews and customer ratings. Although we have taken care to provide up to date information we would also advise you to phone in advance to confirm relevant details.


Rotis are influenced by the Caribbean's Indian heritage and are made from a curried dish wrapped in a roti shell similiar to a flat bread. Rotis come in may varieties including chicken, beef, lamb, goat, soy and vegetable. The curry is usually a mild madras type but there is usually a bottle of 'hot sauce' or pepper sauce within easy reach for those with more spicy tastes! Most roti shells are similar to a flat bread, although there is also a variety known as 'dahl'. Dahl has a layer of crumbly yellow lentils inside the roti shell and is popular in islands such as Trinidad. Great for food on the go or as an affordable meal.

Local Meal

Many local restaurants and eateries will serve a local meal which will usually consist of a choice of stewed or baked meats, macaroni and cheese, red kidney beans, brown lentils, plantain, ground provisions such as yam, dasheen, tanya or sweet potato, rice and salad. Such meals are sometimes served buffet style, and if there is anything you don't like, it will often be possible to substitute it for something else. This is a filling and delicious meal consumed by thousands of St. Lucians and prepared in hundreds of eateries across the island every day.


Saint Lucia is blessed with a wide variety of fresh seafood which is readily available. Some of the most popular fish are dorado, red snapper, king fish, tuna and flying fish. In addition to these, there is also a selection of shellfish such as crab, lobster, imported mussells and lubee which comes from the conch shell.

Seafood may be prepared in a variety of ways including as a curry, coubillion, grilled or baked. Seafood is usually seasoned with lime & pepper, and served with a number of sauces such as garlic and herb, lemon and herbs, creole, pepper or garlic butter.

Availability of seafood will vary according to the season. Lobster season varies slightly from year to year but is usually open between August and February. Consumption of lobster outside of the season is illegal and harms the long term numbers of this delicacy.


This dish derives from the Amerindians, who were some of the first inhabitants of St. Lucia prior to the arrival of Europeans. It is traditionally made in a clay pot and contains a variety of stewed meats including beef, pork, mutton, peppers and vegetables. The dish gets its distinctive flavour from the cassereep sauce which is made from the root of the casava plant. Due to the preservative power of the cassareep, it was customary to reheat and eat the dish over many days, sometimes topping it up with extra ingredients.


As mentioned earlier, many of the top restaurants employ European chefs. A number of eateries, especially fine dining establishments will serve steak, beef, pork, lamb and chicken prepared deliciously in a traditional French or European style accompanies by baked or roast potatoes, vegetables, salad, rice and gourmet sauces.

Opening Hours

Opening hours may vary slightly from those shown below. Many restaurants may open for longer or on extra days during the high season. Restaurants may also close earlier than the times listed below when they are quiet.


Reservations are not usually needed but would be recommended for larger parties (over 4), and on public holidays and days of celebration. You may also be able to reserve priority or preferable seating by making a reservation.

Price Range

The price range in the table below is to give an indication of the restaurant prices. The lower price is what you could expect to pay for a lower priced entre and a soft drink. The higher price is an indication of a three course meal with a higher priced entree. The restaurants below range from very affordable casual dining/cafes to top end fine dining but they all serve excellent high quality dishes.

Top 20 St. Lucian Restaurants

Below is a table of the Top 20 Restaurants in St. Lucia based on customer reviews and ratings. It includes a variety of restaurant from fine dining to casual cafe food.

Restaurant Type Of Food Location Rating Price Range Opening Hours Phone No. Address
Spice Of India Indian Rodney Bay (NW) 5 USD 19 - 99 Mon 6-11pm, Tue-Sun 12-4pm 6-11pm +1 (758) 458 4243 Bay Walk Mall, Rodney Bay
Rainforest Hideaway Caribbean, Int. Marigot Bay (NW) 5 USD 49 - 69 Sun-Sat 6-11:30 pm +1 (758) 451 4485 North Side, Marigot Bay
Blue Monkey Cafe Caribbean, Int. Rodney Bay (NW) 5 USD 6 - 12 Mon-Sat 8am-6:30pm +1 (758) 458 4047 JQ Mall, Rodney Bay
Pink Plantation House Caribbean, Int. Castries (NW) 5 USD 19 - 49 Sun-Thur 11:30am- 3pm, Fri 11:30am to 9pm, Sun 12-3pm +1 (758) 452 5422 Chef Harry Drive, The Morne, Castries
La Terrasse French Rodney Bay (NW) 4.5 USD 19 - 39 Wed-Mon 6:30pm-11pm +1 (758) 572 0389 Rodney Bay
Orlando's Restaurant + Bar Caribbean Soufriere (SW) 4.5 USD 19 - 99 Wed-Mon 7:30-10am, 12-9pm, Tues 2-9pm +1 (758) 459 5955 Cemetery Road, Soufriere
Big Chef Steak House Steakhouse Rodney Bay (NW) 4.5 USD 39 - 99 Sun-Sat 6-11pm +1 758 450 0210 Reduit Drive, Rodney Bay
The Cliff at Cap Maison French Creole Cap Estate (NE) 4.5 USD 19 - 99 Mon-Sun 7:30am-10pm +1 (758) 457 8681 Cap Maison, Smugglers Cove Drive, Cap Estate
The Coal Pot French Creole Castries (NW) 4.5 USD 20 - 79 Mon-Fri 11:30am-3pm 6pm-10pm, Sat 6pm-10pm +1 (758) 452 5566 Vigie Cove, Castries
Flavours of the Grill Caribbean Gros Islet (NW) 4.5 USD 9 - 29 Mon-Sat 11am-11:30pm +1 (758) 284 7906 Marie Therese St, Gros Islet
The Beacon Caribbean Soufriere (SW) 4.5 USD 15-29 Mon-Sat 8am-4pm +1 (758) 286 9659 Columbette, Soufriere
Elegance Cafe Indian, Int. Gros Islet (NW) 4.5 USD 15-49 Mon-Sat 11am-9pm +1 (758) 450 9864 Massade, Gros Islet
The Mango Tree Caribbean, Vegetarian, Vegan Soufriere (SW) 4.5 USD 35 - 80 Sun-Sat 7:30am-10pm +1 (758) 459 7037 Stonefield Estate Resort, Soufriere
Marie's Local Cuisine Caribbean Soufriere (SW) 4.5 USD 8 - 20 Sun-Sat 9am-6pm +1 (758) 723 5466 Diamond Botanical Gardens Road, Soufriere
Cockpit Gastro Pub + Starfish Deli Gastro Pub Rodney Bay 4.5 USD 19 - 29 Sun-Sat 12-11pm +1 (758) 452 0100 Harmony Suites Hotel, Rodney Bay
Delirius Seafood, European Rodney Bay 4 USD 19 - 29 Mon-Sat 11am till late +1 (758) 451 3354 Rodney Bay Village, Rodney Bay
Jacques Waterfront Dining aka Froggie Jacques French Creole Rodney Bay 4 USD 29 - 79 Sun-Sat 12-3pm, 6-10pm +1 (758) 458 1900 Reduit Beach Avenue, Rodney Bay
Boucan Restaurant + Bar by Hotel Chocolat Caribbean, Cocoa, Int. Soufriere 4 USD 40 - 90 Sun-Sat 7-10am, 12-2:30pm, 6:30-9:30pm +1 (758) 572 9600 The Rabot Estate, Soufriere
Jambe De Bois Caribbean Pigeon Island 4 USD 7 - 19 Tues-Sun 9am-10pm, Mon 9am-5pm +1 (758) 452 0321 Pigeon Island, Gros Islet
Brown Sugar Restaurant + Bar Caribbean, Int. Castries (NW) 4 USD 6 - 40 Tues-Sun 11:30am-3pm, 6-11pm +1 (758) 458 1931 Vigie Cove, Castries

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